Zebra/Armadillo Cycle Lane Dividers

Zebra Specifications

Christchurch based company, Agpac Ltd, has recently been appointed by Spanish company,  Zicla, as the sole distributor in New Zealand of the Zebra cycle lane separator. The Zebra incorporates an elliptical design and provides a robust but safe separation between cyclist and vehicles using the same roadway. The unique shape of the Zebra helps deflect cycles OR vehicles if accidental contact is made with the divider. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic waste the Zebras are very strong but at the same time flexible enough to absorb impact. The three fixing points to the roadway provide for additional strength for high traffic use situations. The superbly constructed Zebra separator comes with a five year warranty and is able to withstand any climatic condition. The separators come with reflective strips which provide high visibility both day and night.  Zebras are available in two heights either 130mm or 90mm high and can be positioned in an oblique or parallel position on the roadway.   The Zebra has been in production since 2009 and is already in use in Spain, France, UK and in the Americas. The design of the Zebra earned the product the runner up award for “ Europe’s best recycled products in 2011” and is proven to be an ideal solution to improving cycling safety. For more information, contact Geoff Denny on 027 4888 110 Click below  to download the full information on the Zebras Part 1 Part 2 download Testimonials: “From over 104,000 meters in the existing bike lane network, the city of Zaragoza currently has 15,179 meters of cycle routes that are found on the road surface; of them, the bike lane segregation has been carried out with Armadillos, alongside motorized traffic, and parking lanes, in 11,844 meters. Taking into account that, in our measurements, two unidirectional bike lanes are counted as one single lane, the real figure of segregated bike lane with Armadillos is even greater, corresponding at about 17,442 meters. The result to date has been extremely satisfactory for both the government and the bike-users of the city. This fact can be seen in the growing use of the bicycle as a reliable means of transport for the citizens of Zaragoza.“ Teresa Vicente Lozano, Head of Technical Unit, Cycling Head Office, Zaragoza Council “For the past three years there have been 16 collisions in total on Royal College Street, 12 of them involved cyclists. There have been no collisions since the scheme with the Armadillos went in. Add in the health benefits of a 50% increase in cyclists and its a no brainer. Safe schemes save money for everyone and ones that increase cycling bring multiple benefits to the economy, environment and peoples health.“ Brian Deegan, Principal Technical Planner – Cycling, Transport For London

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