Urba Series




Urba Series waste containers are new generation containers made with antimicrobial properties, designed to segregate different waste streams at source. Using Urba Series waste containers allows you to separate your waste efficiently, thus improving the quality and quantity of recyclable materials collected and therefore diverting waste from landfills.

Manufactured in Italy and made from recyclable PP or PE, they are stylish, ergonomically designed, safe and easy to use. Whether for domestic, commercial or industrial use, there is a waste container to suit your needs. The Urba Series comprises a full range of containers to suit all waste streams, ranging from 10 litre kitchen caddies to the unique 40 litre Urba Plus stackable tower.

Food waste is a major component of the household waste stream, and it contributes significantly to methane emissions when buried in landfills. Removing this waste stream is a high priority for all councils, and Agpac have kitchen waste containers to aid in efficient sorting of this food waste at source. The Stelo 10 litre kitchen caddies can be used with compostable biodegradable bags, sit stylishly on the bench in cupboards or under the sink.

The Stelo range of waste containers are completely ventilated for use with breathable, compostable bio-bags in 10 litre size. Available in Green and Brown.

All containers come in a variety of colours and printing options to suit

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