NEW: Special arrangements for farmers in the East Coast region.
Plasback in conjunction with the Gisborne District Council are offering farmers the opportunity to recycle used bale wrap plastics in the East Coast region. Special arrangements for farmers are highlighted in the brochure HERE.
You can order special packs for the East Coast  HERE

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Plasback was accredited by the Minister for the Environment under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 on 4th May 2010.

* This includes silage wrap, silage covers, grain bags, polypropylene bags, twines, large drum recovery, vine nets and irrigation pipe.

One time special promotional offer for the Plasback recycling bins.

This promotion is possible due to the support of the Ministry for the Environment’s Waste Minimisation Fund and will only be available from the Plasback website HERE. The offer covers 420 Plasback recycling bins for a discount price of $300.00 plus gst each Bin.
This Waste Minimisation Fund project is designed to increase participation in rural recycling and is focussed on increasing the collection of silage film plastic from farms. As part of the projects reporting aims we need to know exactly where each recycling Bin is placed so that we can monitor the collections from each Bin. Once you have purchased these discounted Bins we will allocate a collector to you.
This offer applies to the Plasback recycling Bin only. Farmers can continue to purchase the Plasback liners from rural stores, Plasback collectors or through the Plasback website.

Plastic recycling is happening

Article from Nelson-Marlborough Farming newspaper

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Farm plastic recycling gets a local boost

Article from the Mahurangi Matters newspaper

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Increased recycling capacity for farm plastics supports the Plasback recycling program

Press release and media statement

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Donaghys Crop Packaging joins Plasback

Donaghys adds support to on-farm product stewardship scheme.

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You can send silage covers like this if they are too big to place in the liner.

Plasback's reaccreditation as a Product Stewardship scheme

Plasback Press Release

Canterbury farmers jump on Plasback recycling bandwagon

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Plasback Press Release

Recycler turns used silage wrap into ‘plywood’

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Zebra cycle way separators around the world.

Please do not store Polyethylene wrap in Polypropylene tonne bags or wool fadges. You can store Polypropylene bags ( either one tonne, 500kgs, 40kgs or 25kgs) in an outer one tonne Polypropylene bag for collection.

Silage plastic and covers must be stored in the Plasback liners.

See how the shopping carrier bags acts as a compostable liner for your kitchen caddy.

Video courtesy of Novamount and the Cooperative Group

Dairy NZ technical note

Waste management solutions for dairy farmers

Recycling Options for Vineyards

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2015 - 2016 Plasback Report


2014 - 2015 Plasback Report

ZEBRA cycle lane dividers

Video showing ZEBRA 13 installation in Houston, Texas, USA.

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Volumes Up, Cost Unchanged.

Read the full Plasback 02/02/15 press release here

The Plasback program has seen a significant growth in its collections during the first six months of the current financial year and has collected over 1100 tonnes of waste plastic from farms. This compares to 1230 tonnes for the whole of the 2013/14 year. Much of this growth has been driven by farm sustainability initiatives such as the one promoted by Deer Genetics NZ who have bought two Plasback recycling bins for recovering waste plastic from their farms. Deer Genetics NZ


The Waikato and Bay of Plenty survey on rural waste has recently been released. You can read the survey results here.


New rules have been introduced for Southland farmers from 6th September 2014 governing the burning of agricultural wrap. You can read the rules here.

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2013 - 2014 Plasback Report

NEW PRODUCT! Zebra Cycle Lane Dividers Click for more info

The Plasback Solution

As part of our commitment to excellence Agpac is dedicated to Product Stewardship. Our recycling programme, Plasback, demonstrates how we take responsibility for the environmental effects of our products throughout their lifecycle. Plasback was the joint-second company in New Zealand to achieve accreditation for our Product Stewardship by the Minister for the Environment and the first scheme to be accredited for the agricultural sector. Our continual innovation includes the development of new sustainable products for the agricultural and horticultural markets such as Tuffboard and Tuffdeck, versatile plastic sheets and decks made entirely from recycled plastics. Our Environmental division also supplies the popular Urba Plus stackable recycling containers as well as other containers designed to segregate food waste and other recyclables at source.