Tuff Solutions


Click on ‘Products in action” (menus bar) to see photos of our tuff solutions in use! Tuffboard is a new sustainable product from Agpac made entirely from recycled plastics. Tuffboard is made in New Zealand, reuses materials that would have otherwise been burnt or buried and has a long lifespan.

Tuffboard is a plywood replacement product and can be used in a variety of applications and locations on farm. Very hygienic it is easily cleaned and is non abrasive, lick proof, chew proof, rot proof and does not splinter. Tuffboard is UV stabilised to meet New Zealand conditions and can be easily fabricated using standard wood working tools. Tuffboard is used in a variety of applications including animal pens, signs, barge boards under feed barriers and for use in deer, sheep and cattle handling pens.

It is of particular value in damp or marine environments. Ideal for pens where young stock are present and which need very hygenic conditions. It is not suitable for use as a flooring material for humans or animals due to the risk of slip (see Tuff Deck for flooring!) Tuff Deck is is long lasting no maintenance modular tile for creating low cost, non slip surfaces in wet or slippery areas such as animal & machinery sheds, wash down bays , walk ways and stairs. *Durable and strong *light and non slip *not effected by rot, mildew or insects *will not rust *allows water, light and air through *resistant to most chemicals *UV stabilised *quick and easy to install *made from recycled plastics! SUPPORT RECYCLING– BUY RECYCLED PRODUCTS

Tuff products including root barrier and bins are manufactured in New Zealand.

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