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What to recycle

Stream 1 & 5 must be in a separate Plasback liner.

Pit covers can be folded and tied up for collection – Shake off any excess soil & dirt before tying off.

Stream One

Bale wrap, silage pit covers, small low density polyethylene (LDPE) feed bags, shrink wrap and pallet covers. No net wrap please!

Stream Two

Large Polypropylene feed and fertiliser bags (1T and 500kg bags only) Please ensure bags are empty of contents.

Stream Three

High density polyethylene (HDPE) containers. We only accept 100L and 200L Ecolab drums. Please make sure you triple rinse, keep bungs in if possible.

Stream Four

Vineyard nets, HDPS monofilament nets- black & white can be mixed. Must be separated from tape, rope, wire or any foreign objects.

Stream Five

Polypropylene twines from farms and orchards.

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