Zicla® Solutions

Plasback Zebra Series cycle lane marker for cyclist protection
Since 2005, Zicla® have supported cities in the process of transformation they need so they can meet the challenges of the 21st century. Zicla® work to make cycling mobility safer and to make cities more accessible to all citizens. And they do all this by creating products manufactured using the waste generated by the cities themselves.
The Zipper® system and Zebra® family include cycle lane separators that are recycled, recyclable, reusable, competitive and good quality, made with post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste. Together with the Zebra® planter, these separators help promote safe urban cycling.
The Vectorial® system allows the assembly of platforms that improve urban accessibility in general, and accessibility at bus stops in particular. They are also made with post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste.
The way Zicla® work is fully adapted to the circular economy and they focus on the resources cycle, following a model based on reusing, repairing, remanufacturing and recycling existing materials and products, rather than using virgin materials. Zicla® manufacture all our products with different recycled materials.

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