Stelo 10

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Stelo 10 is a completely ventilated 10 litre caddy for use with breathable compostable bio-bags, to improve food waste segregation and collection. If your council is collecting food waste this Bin is for you. Attractively designed the Bin will complement the modern kitchen.The unique design of the Stelo 10 allows for the movement of air from the bottom of the bin to the top giving 70% aeration over the entire bin. The base of the Stelo 10 allows for air to completely circle the waste thereby reducing moisture through evaporation and smell caused by the build up of liquid.

Avoids unpleasant smells caused by anaerobic bacterial activity.

Prolongs the storage period in the kitchen.

Avoids the build up of liquids at the base, improving the bag performance.

Reduces within a few days the moisture and the weight of the food waste by evaporation.

Improves the safety and hygiene of the whole collection system and the quality of compostable waste material sent to the composting plant.

Capacity: ca 10 litres
Made of recyclable PP
May be hung inside a cupboard door
Vertical handle with lid locking mechanism
Hinged perforated lid for ventilation
Lowered hinges
Radius corner to allow a sack to be suspended in the caddy
PP handle with lid locking mechanism
Standard colours: brown, olive green. (other colours on request)

Width (L) Depth (P) Height
238* mm 275 mm 320 mm
*with handle

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