How to Recycle

Recycling with Plasback is an easy 4 step process:

1. Buy Plasback liners online.

Bins & Liners:
Plasback is dedicated to Product Stewardship. Our recycling programme demonstrates how we facilitate the collection of waste plastic from Farm through to reprocessing into recycled products. Plasback was the joint-second company in New Zealand to achieve accreditation for our Product Stewardship by the Minister for the Environment and the first scheme to be accredited for the agricultural sector. Our Original bin & liner system was designed by farmers for farmers, as a simple cost-effective way to dispose of waste farm plastics. See below for product option and details The Plasback recycling Bins are made from 100% recycled plastic.

2. Bag your waste plastic as it accumulates. Keep each stream separate!

Click Here for stream information

3. Call 0508 338 240 for collections. – Still ok

4. Feel good about what you’re doing. Recycling this plastic has a positive impact on the environment.

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