Plasback Recycling Bin

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The Plasback Recycling Bin, made entirely from recycled plastics and is designed to hold the liner in place which allows the most plastic possible to be packed into each liner, thereby reducing collection costs.

The use of the bin is optional, but recommended.

If you use the bin you can get up to 200 standard round bale used wraps in each liner. Volume depends on type of bale, number of layers of wrap and level of contamination(the plastic does NOT have to cleaned, but the more dirt etc that can be shaken off, the more plastic will fit in each liner!)

Dimensions: 1.2M high, 3.9M circumference, 1.2M Diameter, cubic capacity 1.32cubic meters

Please note: Due to ongoing shipping delays impacting on parts supply there is an approximate four-week delay from ordering to delivery of the Plasback recycling Bins. We apologise for this situation and will endeavour to get the orders delivered as soon as possible.