Plasback receives Product Stewardship accreditation

Scott Campbell News

Environment Minister Nick Smith today announced the Government’s accreditation of two new product stewardship schemes for recycling and reducing harm from used farm plastics and glass packaging.

“Product stewardship schemes are an excellent way of getting all parties involved in the production and distribution of a product to take responsibility for its environmental impact at the end of its life,” Dr Smith said.

The Plasbackfarm plastic recycling scheme is a voluntary scheme for the collection of farm plastic waste for recycling or reuse.

“We know that farm plastics are often disposed of in ways harmful to the environment such as burying or burning. The Plasbackscheme instead provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative and will see farm plastics collected and recycled into new products such as piping or bins,” Dr Smith said.

The Glass Packaging Forum, which comprises more than 100 companies that produce or import, fill or sell glass containers in NZ, has developed a voluntary scheme for reducing the amount of glass packaging sent to landfill.

“Recovered glass can either be used to make new glass containers or for alternative uses such as vineyard mulch and roading aggregate. This means a reduction in waste sent to landfill as well as the amount of energy and carbon emissions from the production of new glass containers,” Dr Smith said.

“Under the Waste Minimisation Act, as Minister for the Environment, I have the ability to accredit product stewardship schemes who meet the criteria for reducing waste and environmental harm. I would encourage other industries to recognise the economic and environmental benefits of product stewardship and get accredited.”