Good sign – Five Star Beef part of trend toward agricultural plastic recycling

Scott Campbell News

New signage has been installed to mark the alliance between agricultural plastics recycling programme Plasback and industry-leading feedlot Five Star Beef.

Five Star Beef is a high quality grain finishing operation that finishes about 35,000 beef cattle each year. Based at Seafield, near Ashburton, Five Star has used the Plasback programme for the last two years.

When he presented new signage, Plasback manager Chris Hartshorne said the association between Plasback and Five Star Beef is product stewardship in action.

“It also shows best practice in presenting materials for recycling. The waste plastics we collect from Five Star Beef are much cleaner because their employees routinely use the recycling bins as part of the day to day farming operations.”

Caption: Plasback’s Chris Hartshorne (right) was on hand to present the new signage to Simon Langley, Five Star Beef feedlot operations manager.

Five Star Beef feedlot operations manager Simon Langley welcomes the convenience of Plasback’s farm gate pickup service.

“Plasback is an easy and efficient system to recycle the waste plastics from our operations. Recycling these waste plastics is in keeping with our business focus of best practice in all our operations.

“We recycle all the pit covers from our silage and maize stacks by tying them in bundles. The twine from straw bales goes straight into the liners. We store the filled liners until we have enough for a collection. The whole team is now accustomed to using the recycling bins, and as an added benefit, it means we keep the whole feedlot much tidier,” Simon Langley says.

Chris Hartshorne says the number of Kiwi farming operations that recycle silage films continues to grow. Plasback has collected more than 650 tonnes of used film in the past year, bringing the total collected since the scheme was launched to more than 1500 tonnes.

“Plasback has continued to grow because it is cost effective, convenient and efficient for both industry sponsors and farmers. There is more to do and participation rates need to improve but there is a will to do this from within the industry,” he said.


For more information contact Plasback manager Chris Hartshorne at 0508 338 240 or .