Field Day Updates!

Scott Campbell News

It’s that time of year again- Field day season! The Plasback team headed up to the Central Districts Field Day in Fielding on from the 7th until the 9th of March. The blistering heat (which lead to the district being declared in drought the next week) did not keep the crowds away too much. We really enjoyed catching up with existing customers who came in to have a chat and update us on progress in the regions, as well as distributing lots and lots of information to new and prospective customers. We felt the concept of agricultural recycling was really well received this year, with an overall positive reaction, especially to some of our newer, innovative products such as Tuffboard and Tuffdeck.


The heat did mean that staff resorted to paddling in the tanks on display next to us…!


Next, we headed to the South Island Field Days, held at Lincoln on March the 20th till the 22nd.  The weather was the biggest change! It was knee deep mud the first day due to much needed and heavy rain the weekend before. Despite a few slips and slides, the overall event was once again great fun and pretty successful, with a few sales and lots of information heading out the door.

One of our staff dealing with the change in weather! Gumboots were necessary.



Next we will be up at Mystery Creek, Hamilton June 12-15. Come and see us!